Fine Street Food

All prices are in euros. 10% VAT included.

We have vegan and gluten-free options. Also dishes for kids. Ask us when you make your reservation.


Our Essentials

Chinese style pork rib brioche  18 (2 pieces)


Spicy red tuna brioche  19 (2 pieces)


Scallops "tiradito" yuzu and rocoto  17


Sanlúcar langoustine and pork feets cannon with spicy bechamel  17

Dishes to share or not...

Marinated salmon saam with furikake  14


 Marinated squid bao with "tamarillo ketchup" and truffle emulsion  11 (Extra piece 6)


Red curry pork cheeks gyozas  13  (extra piece 4)


Japanaise style steak tartar croissant 16


Pekinese duck croquettes and pickles  13 (half portion 7)


Prawn Vietnamese rolls with satay sauce  13


Galician mussels and low temperature chicken wings pad Thay 17


Red tuna tartar with homemade prawn bread  19


Miso and yuzu marinated butter fish tataki  18


 Thailandese green curry with chicken and jasmine rice  16


Wild mushrooms Thai red curry with jasmine rice  17


Octopus and shrimp "causa limeña" guacamole, green olive oil emulsion and "piriñaca" ice cream  15


Low temperature and barbecue Iberian pork cooked, potato, payoyo cheese and lime parmentiere  18


Sous vide glazed Lamb "Nasi Goreng"  22


Madurated veal steak with spicy mash potato and "Patrón" peppers  23

Sweet World

Mango overdose  7 


Payoyo cheese cake with passion fruit and chili  7 


Our Dracula (kids ice lolly) version  8


 Coconut rice pudding, candied sesame seed and yuzu marshmallow  7


Home made ice creams  5



Home made natural bread from "La Cremita" 1,50


In case of any allergy or intolerance, please let us know. We can help you with your choice.

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